Get Acquainted assignment

-How was your vacation?
My winter vacation was so exciting because I went to the Japan. I really want to go there, finally i achieve my goal. The traveling members are mother, aunt and me. We departed at Kimhae airport and arrived Osaka airport. Then we went to the hotel in Osaka and released our burdens. Next we saw three historic castles. It was so boring. Second day, we went to USJ. I felt vey happy and fantastic and terrific because I really like movie character such as spider man, cookie monster, hello kitty and so on. I rode many kinds of amusement. The weather was so cold but I don’t care the cold. I enjoyed everything in USJ. My vacation ended successfully.
-Have you had any part time jobs?
I have part time job now. The name is SUBWAY which is making sandwiches store. It originally from America so there are many kinds of salty hams. And there are too many foreign customers. The order method is difficult to first come. First, he chooses the menu and bread. There are many kinds of breads. And we cut the bread because there are two sizes 6 inch and 12 inch. Then we ask him ‘Do you want to bake this bread?’ he said yes we bake it. And we ask the vegetable because customers don’t like all of vegetable. Then choose source. Finally we wrap the sandwich pretty. It is very hard to treat people but I try to work fun.
- What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time, I really like to watch drama or movie such as Sheorlock Homes, Harry potter and Korean dramas. I love detective stories because it stimulates my imagination. And I love the England pronunciations because it is so sexy and fascinating. When detective solve the situations, I feel that I’m smart too. Then I like fantasy stories like Dracula, magic stories and wolf human. I don’t know why i like these genre just I like it. Also I like sf and action genre. I really like the MARVEL which is company to make movie comic books and so on. The Avengers or Herk or Captain America, it can explain how the writer imagine these stories. I respect the writer and movie director.


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